BARI Upland Weeder

BARI Upland Weeder Weeds are the main enemy of crops. If weeding is not done properly, crop production decreases and occurs fertilizer loss. In our country, farmers use hoe for weeding. Hoe is used for weeding or cleaning crop fields. Use of hoe requires enough time and labour resulting in…

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BARI Seeder

BARI Seeder In Bangladesh farmers are sown some seeds in line like maize, potato etc. Hand sowing of seeds is time consuming, laborious and costly. Line sowing enables easy removal of weeds, plants get more light and air and overall production is increased. Even after having so much facilities of…

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BARI Bed Planter

BARI Bed Planter Bed planting system adds a new era in modern farming system. It saves natural resources in modern production system without reducing yield. It increases yield, reduces production cost and facilitates different crop management. In Bangladesh, farmers are practicing bed planting system for potato, maize, chills vegetables etc.…

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