Power tiller (two-wheeled tractor) is the most prevalent tillage machine in Bangladesh, as well as a prime mover for various seeding machines in agriculture. Sowing is one of the most important components for the establishment and productivity of any crop. Due to the vibration of the power tiller, it is difficult to maintain a consistent seed to seed spacing, depth of seeding, straight line, and so on. Another issue is that the operator feels tired of walking behind the machine. However, recent day’s 4WT (four-wheel tractor) are being introduced in farming works, they are also a suitable option to resolve all of the issues described herein. Therefore, this research has been under taken to develop four-wheel tractor operated seeder. A four-wheel tractor operated seeder was designed and fabricated during 2020-21 at FMP Engineering division, BARI, Gazipur. This seeder can sow maximum 09-lines seed at a time, and tilling width was 180 cm. The effective field capacity of the 4WT operated seeder for maize and chickpea were found to be 0.248 and 0.231ha/h, respectively. The field efficiency of the 4WT operated seeder for maize and chickpea were estimated as 78.73 and 77.77%, respectively. The uniformity of seed distribution was found 97.33%. The mean emergence time of the maize and chickpea were 6.03 and 11.46 days, respectively. The emergence rate index of maize and chickpea were 0.83 and 0.98, respectively. Seed emergence of maize and chickpea were 95 and 93.89 % when the seed were planted with the 4WT seeder The experiment will be carried out in the coming year in order to improve and evaluate the performance of the four-wheel tractor operated seeder.

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