Kubota DC-70G

৳ 3,350,000.00



Model DC-70G
Engine model Kubota DC-70G Plus
Overall length (mm) 4800
Overall width (mm) 2260
Overall height (mm) 2830
Base machinery mass (kg) 3150
Engine type Water-cooled four-cycle four-cylinder
vertical diesel engine [with
Total displacement (cc) 2.434 {2434}
Output / Rotation speed (kW{PS}/rpm) 50.7 {69.0} / 2700
 Fuel tank capacity (L) 85
Crawler Width x Ground contact length (mm) 500 x 1700
Travelling Speed (Forward & Reverse Same) (km/hr) Low speed : 0 to 0.97,
Middle speed : 0 to 1.37,
High speed : 0 to 1.85
Speed shift system Hydrostatic transmission [HST]
Crop pull and stand system Stand by reel
Threshing system Axial flow system [Threshing tooth
Threshing Diameter x Length (mm) 620 x 1650
Grain tank capacity (L) 1000


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