Rice Transplanter



Model: 2ZS-630S


  • The use of the machine increases the stimulus of paddy by 20-25%.
  • Kushi grows in large numbers and the crop grows evenly.
  • 2 workers can plant 4-5 units of land per day.
  • Seedlings can be planted without injury.
  • Planting of seedlings at equal distances and density of seedlings in desired Maya.
  • Fewer seeds are required than the traditional method.
  • Seedlings can be planted in 8 rows at a time.

Advantages of Rice Transplant:

  • Seedlings can be planted in a controlled and perfect manner so that the seedlings are not wasted.
  • Seedlings can be planted at different depths in a fully automated manner.
  • Seedbeds can also be made in the backyard.
  • Seedlings can be planted on more land at a very low cost and in less time.


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